We understand people, and what appeals to them,
that’s our core strength.

If you have a product you care about, we know ways
to make people care about it too!

Mass Designs

When people wonder what ‘MASS Designs’ means, we tell them the short version – we create paths for brands so they can enjoy mass appeal. But truthfully, the story behind MASS Designs isn’t that straight. When we envisioned the company, we decided that we would serve as a bridge to connect brands to the masses by understanding people, their goals, what motivates them and what makes them want to engage with a brand.

So far, in our journey, we’ve been able to create compelling stories for many brands and reach out to potential customers of our clients with unique campaigns that have been well received by people all over the country. That’s the power of ‘MASS’. When brands get recognised, they set themselves up for success and we intend to partner with them on this journey.

Modern Design
Modern design

New, fresh ideas that make your brand look cool, swanky, sophisticated and ready!

Customized approach
Customized approach

No two brands are alike, why should the plan be? Unique and thoughtful approach to ensure your goals are met

Quick turnaround
Quick turnaround

What is trending now, isn’t trending tomorrow. Nothing but lightning fast response time will let you leverage the opportunities the markets allow.

Skilled talent
Skilled talent

Talented and experienced design and marketing team empowered with over 3 decades of collective experience.

Goal driven
Goal driven

Knowing what you and your brand want and the easiest way to reach that goal.

Uncompromising quality
Uncompromising quality

There is no plan B when it comes to quality. Neat, error-free quality, every single time.

Our Team

Take all my money, take all my machinery.
Leave back my men, I will be Henry Ford again

— Henry Ford

The greatest lines ever said about Human Resource and we totally believe in it!!

Sumith Bekal

Founder & Chief – Strategy

“Working with people excites me, working on brands fascinates me, at work we try to combine the two in the best possible way!“

Madan Kashyap

Creative Head

“Creativity thrives in freedom, at MASS Designs, we mandate this freedom and creativity so everyone can be the best at what they do!“

Goutam Jotwani

Creative Head

“Everyone is creative, but it is really the work environment that allows you to explore it. At MASS Designs, we aim at creating a great work environment and let you do the rest!“

Madhukar Chavan

Sales Head

“We, at MASS Designs, treat our customers like they own us, because they do. Everyday, we aim at giving every stakeholder the returns they are expecting.“

K. B. Vijay

Operations Head

“There is no secret to success. It is the result of hard work and the urge to learn from your failures. At MASS Designs we want people to take up challenges, approach them in the most exciting way possible!“

Suma T. N.

Admin Head

“When the office is functioning smoothly, the efficiency translates to the customer as well. A happy client is the only kind of client we aspire for!”

CA Pooja Narang

Finance Head

“We want to ensure Mass Designs is a clean and neat company financially, this inturn builds the trust among our stakeholders “

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