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We deliver honest, meaningful and intelligent branding solutions and media campaigns.

Markets evolve, trends change and knowing what convinces a person to react to your product pitch is what makes a world of difference.

Media Planning

You could potentially reach most people on earth ‘once’ with a great TV spot or a fun hoarding, but that’s not what will keep the wheels of your business turning. You need your customers to see you and your potential customers to see you often. Through smart and inventive media planning, we are able to tap into your target audience and create marketing funnels that will continually keep bringing you sales, leads and profits. Print, electronic or outdoor campaigns, we do it all.


What makes a brand? At Mass Designs, we believe that creating a brand isn’t just picking the right font and tone of voice.We think of branding as a tool to tell people authentic stories of the product they would love to use. If you have a product you think is worth falling in love with, we’ll make sure we’ll create all the assets you need to tell your story. From logos to campaigns, designs to language.


At the heart of every brand is a story and each story needs to be told. People love listening, they love sharing and they love seeing. Our films don’t claim to move mountains, but we certainly claim to make a difference. From corporate films to ads and documentaries, we cover a spectrum of stories and present each of them with a lot of heart.

Digital Marketing

First impression matters, and trust us when we say this, the first thing people do these days is visit your website. A simple, sleek and well designed website is sure to have that positive impact about your brand. We design your website, give your brand the SEO boost, manage your social media accounts and carry out your online campaigns with clear and well defined goals to ensure your presence on the web is evident and prominent which could translate to more business.

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One Stop Solution

Avoid running to multiple vendors, we are a 360 degree agency. Starting with your designs to working with vendors for print and installation, we have you covered

Relations First

We as a company believe that relations are important, we will work with you as one among your team and the results will be there for everyone to see.

No is a No

You read that right. We are not here to please our clients, we are here to ensure the right things are done for the brand to grow. So do not be surprised if you hear a ‘No’ from us.

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